Equipment - Software & Hardware
The proven state-of-the-art softwares are used in the Mapping process:
ISPM - Image Station Project Manager
ISDM - Image Station Digital Mensuration
ISAT - Image Station Automatic Triangulation
ISST - Image Station Satellite Triangulation
inBLOCK - Bundle Adjustment package
PATB - Bundle Adjustment package
ISSD - Image Station Stereo Display
ISFC - Image Station Feature Collection
ISDC - Image Station DTM Collection
ISAE - Image Station Automatic Elevations
OrthoPro - Image Station OrthoPro
Geomedia, Photoshop, Microstation, etc
In-house developed scripts/tools
Hardware includes:
Six stereo and AT processing workstations
Z screen 2000i 3D Viewing system
Immersion's SoftMouse
Over 10 Terabytes centralized RAID disk space


Complete Satellite & Aerial Mapping solution!