Company Profile
4DGIS LTD., based in Vancouver-Canada, was founded in 2005 by Novica Janicijevic. Before forming his own company, he has held various key positions in leading photogrammetry, GIS and surveying companies over the past 20 years. He has worked with MDA Triathlon as an Aerial Triangulation specialist until 2002 when he accepted a Photogrammetry/AT Manager position with Mapcon Mapping.
4DGIS is able to efficiently manage any projects within demanding schedules and to deliver a quality product that will meet rigorous specifications for accuracy and completeness using the most advanced softwares and following in-house developed QA/QC procedures.
Complete Satellite & Aerial Mapping solution!
Beside the extensive Satellite & Aerial Triangulation and Mapping experience Mr. Novica Janicijevic holds a BSc degree in Geomatics, and he is an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist #1263 and an Oracle Certified Application Developer.
Since its founding, 4DGIS has successfully executed all aspects of the aerial triangulation process by using satellite, fully automated and conventional techniques for over a few hundred thousand of photos. High resolution satellite & Aerial mapping & Orthophotos were produced on many projects.
In 2007 the Province of BC undertook a complete rewrite of the AT Specs to include and encourage emerging technologies and techniques, 4DGIS was the technical expert and author representing industry and worked collaboratively with the province to develop the provincial AT specs.
4DGIS recognizes the importance of maintaining client confidentiality and is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients.